bitcoin_goldv2Gain free Bitcoin is possible!

Here you are a list of sites that will give you free bitcoins for visiting them.

What a Bitcoin is, it’s easy to say. Bitcoins (BTC) are a virtual, peer to peer currency which is not under a central authority control. No banks, no government, no one is controlling your money. You’re the one and only.

Bitcoin uses also an advanced cryptology which makes them even more secure than a real bank!

In addition, they can help you stay anonymous. You can create a new Bitcoin address any time you want, and if you pay attention, nobody will link your Bitcoin address to you.

That means that any free Bitcoin you earn can be turned into real money you can keep in your bank account.

Before starting earning you may visit a couple of sites about this currency:

(Any link contains a referral to Coinurl, a website which helps us to spread our contents. Skip its ad, it’s safe!)

Bitcoin – The official site of the BTC Project
WeUseCoins – Very useful and user-friendly site to introduce you to the virtual economy


If you want to make money, you need somewhere to put them.

Bitcoiners use a wallet, which also gives you a Bitcoin address to receive payments and donations.

As you prefer, you can use it online or install it. I chose to install one on my laptop and smartphone.

BitcoinQT – Easy-to-use wallet. You’ll be an expert in minutes. (For Windows, Mac and Linux)
Bitcoin Wallet – For Android phones and tablets.
Multibit – Another useful wallet. Better for Macs.

Coinbase – Best online wallet!
EasyWallet – Another online wallet. Faster on transactions.
BlockChain – Wallet for geeks.



Time to earn! Here you are a list of free Bitcoins sites:scultura_rubinetto-thumb

Bitvisitor – Use this site once a day. Surf sites and get Bitcoins. It’s simple!
EarnFreeBitcoins – As above. Once a day it gives 24.08 uBTC.
Bitcoin4YOU – It gives you 21 uBTC every 24 hours.
CoinVisitor – My favourite one. Collect BTCs, then withraw them when you reach a certain amount (it makes you avoid fees).
SurfForMoney – As it says…(Registration required)
Coin Reaper – As above. Slow but reliable. No registration is required.
Surf4Bitcoin – As above, again. Plug-in installation reqired.
CoinTube.tv – Get paid for watching Youtube videos!
Bunny Run – Once ever 24 hours, bet on a rabbit and earn a BTC prize.
Netlookup – A daily Bitcoin amount (Not always working).
Daily Bitcoins – Once on every hour!
Coin Ad – Once every 24 hours. If you register once every hour: one of the best!
Bitcoiner – Once every 24 hours. Quite like a lotto.
BitcoinAdSmart – Another lottery. High prizes.
Cointicket – Collect ticket, you can turn them in BTCs once every 24 hours.
Bitcoins4me – Collect BTCs once every hour and store them. Get paid when you want.
FreeDigitalMoney – Bitcoins for small tasks.
BitcoinAR – Bitcoins every 12 hours!
BitHits – Small amounts once every 24 hours.
Bitcoin Addict – Once every 24 hours. Not always working.
HartCode – Vote on one of four wallpaper images and get rewarded with free bitcoins. Once every 24 hours.
Can Has Bitcoin – Every 30 minutes. Nice retro style.
BitcoinTree – Every 24 hours. Better if you store your BTCs before get payd.
Free.BTC.pt – Videos, captchas or offers to complete to earn BTCs!
Free Bitcoins – Doubtful working.
El Bitcoin Gratis – Once every hour, spanish version.
Honey Bitcoin – Another Spanish faucet.
BitSprinkle – Get bitcoins for sending a tweet. Not working, for the moment.
BitcoinGet – Earn bitcoins for completing tasks. Fast, free, fun!
Paperco.in Faucet – Once every 60 seconds!!!
Bitcoin Street Faucet – It gives you Bitcoins, 0ne time, for your phone number.
BitcoinWorker – Small tasks for small amounts.

Skude.se – Swedish website. Useful to keep the timing of some faucets.

BitIt – Sell your pics for BTCs!

CoinVisitorChat – Chat for coins.

BitPaste – Write something to earn Bitcoins. Nice idea!

Rugatu – Make money answering other users’ questions.

CoinChat – Create your own chatroom to earn money!

Faucets’ containers:
Doctor Mojo – Soon he will start a faucet on his own!
BitcoinForFree.info – Dry faucet but useful infos.


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